Well That About Wraps It Up For God: Schrodinger’s Cat Shows There is No God.

Some more wacky summer fun.

We’ve all heard of Schrodinger’s Cat paradox, for details of the experimental set up see this nice little primer. After one hour of what Schrodinger referred to as his “diabolical experiment,” thankfully also a gedankenexperiment, the wavefunction of the system describes a superposition

Ψ = 1/√2 (ψdead + ψalive) [1]

If the cat were alive the wavefunction would be

Ψ = ψalive [2]

If it were dead

Ψ = ψdead [3]

The paradox of course is that until observation the cat is in a superposition of states, [1], so is alive and dead at the same time. Under the Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum mechanics, which Schrodinger was reacting against, observation leads to the collapse of the wavefunction into [2] or [3].

Assume there is an omniscient and omnipotent observer, going by the name of God.

If there so be, there can be no paradox for the cat cannot be in a superposition of states because the wavefunction collapses instantaneously given God’s omniscient character. If, however, [1] describes the state of the system after one hour there than can be no omniscient and omnipotent observer, that is no God.

Quantum states cannot be in a superposition, assuming a God, because God is all seeing, all knowing, all the time. Every superposed state at any and all times would instantly collapse into a single state, so there would be no superposition to speak of, but because quantum superposition is a real phenomenon, it thereby follows that there is no God.

Well, that about wraps it up for God.