Economic Growth and the Doomsday Argument

November 13, 2017 Mbeljac 0

Say there are two lottery urns, one containing 1000 balls each numbered from 1 to 1000, and the other containing 10 balls each also numbered from 1 to 10. We have two individuals, one Alice the other Bob. Alice will reach into one of the lottery urns, out of sight […]

An Association of Ecological Socialists?

July 2, 2017 Mbeljac 0

I am thinking of helping to form a small affinity group of ecological socialists. The group could engage in political actions in solidarity with those conducting traditional forms of class struggle, most especially those possessing as their objective the emancipation of the working class, and ecological activism in solidarity with […]

How Sure Can We Be of Nuclear Fusion?

July 1, 2017 Mbeljac 0

How solid is the case for nuclear fusion? Most of us would say, in principle at least, that it is rock solid. Bloomberg has an article on the Trump administration and funding for nuclear fusion efforts, that is funding associated with the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER). The article quotes […]

Radionuclides and The Anthropocene

November 6, 2016 Mbeljac 0

We like to use the expression “the nuclear age” to describe that period of history following the detonation of the first nuclear explosive device. The nuclear age is one we continue to experience. I think it is best to view the “nuclear age” in a much broader context, what we […]