Einstein, Bohr and the Existence of Slavoj Zizek: Stop Looking So the Idiot Can Disappear.

Einstein once was reputed to have remarked of Niels Bohr and the Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics; do you believe that the moon exists only when you look at it?

The Slavoj Zizek phenomenon is one of the most absurd that I have seen in what is taken to be intellectual culture.

However, we should apply the Einstein dictum. The issue isn’t the absurdity of the man or his “work,” rather the issue is our regard for his inanity.

Slavoj Zizek exists only because we look at him. That’s why he is an actor. He must continue to perform lest we stop looking. If we stop looking at him he disappears, as his existence is phenomenal rather than one based on intellectual substance. The work of substantive intellectuals, Frege who was largely ignored in his day say, endures because they have substance regardless of whether we look or looked at them.

It’s a sad reflection upon the left that Zizek is put on an intellectual pedestal. My own view is that such things as the Zizek cult are a means of preventing a vibrant, organic, intellectual culture arising from below that challenges the system of power.

Here’s a nice devastating critique of the absurdism of Zizek from Chomsky. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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