SUSY, Feynman, and Plutonium

July 7, 2016 Mbeljac 0

SUSY where ‘art thou? The University of Melbourne is currently hosting a conference on supersymmetry or SUSY, which is a theory that seeks to address outstanding anomalies in particle physics by positing a new symmetry principle, that is one beyond the standard model, that links fermions (characterised by units of […]

Federal Election 2016: Some Quick Preliminary Thoughts

July 5, 2016 Mbeljac 0

Just some quick thoughts on the 2016 Federal Election, which I would hope to return to in a more substantive post later on. The Result. All kinds of speculation exists on this. Most seems to be of the view that a hung parliament or minority Liberal government is most likely. […]

Knijge Raspleta

June 19, 2016 Mbeljac 0

Slobodan Antonic, Milosevic: Jos Nije Gotovo, (Beograd, Vukotic Media, 2015). I have quite a few books, and I am fond of those that I had purchased and received as gifts in Belgrade and Sarajevo. I hope to review them. One is a book on the former President of Serbia and […]