Marko Beljac


Marko has a Masters and Doctorate from Monash University, Melbourne Australia, and teaches at the University of Melbourne. Here shall be displayed Marko’s idiosyncratic, often witty and pungent, analyses of philosophy and science, politics and economics, international relations and global security. Marko also is a committee member of The New International Bookshop, where he spends more time in all manner of discussion with customers than he does selling books.

In particular, Marko has an especial interest and expertise in nuclear weapons, missiles and ballistic missile defence, space flight and space exploration, the role of military firepower in international relations, philosophy and history of science with a focus on physics and notions of the physical, epistemology with a definite focus on epistemological naturalism, and political economy with peculiar reference to scientific basis of economic thought and concepts of rationality in economic theory.

Marko has provided commentary in all forms of media, and is available for expert commentary.