Russia’s Sarmat ICBM Silo Ejection Test Delayed Again

July 4, 2017 Agrippa 0

Earlier in the year reports appeared of delays in the testing programme of Russia’s high throw weight liquid fuelled ICBM, the Sarmat. It seems that progress on Sarmat continues to be delayed, given the very latest developments. The Sarmat is the designated replacement for the aging heavy SS-18 ICBM, the […]

Chomsky On The Origins of Neoliberalism

July 3, 2017 Agrippa 0

Chomsky, when it comes to systematic anarchist writing, has always viewed himself as a “derivative fellow traveller,” and he has provided us with sketches, rather than complete works, regarding anarchism in essays, interviews and talks. Some argue that his libertarian socialism, which he argues in the video linked below (my […]

An Association of Ecological Socialists?

July 2, 2017 Agrippa 0

I am thinking of helping to form a small affinity group of ecological socialists. The group could engage in political actions in solidarity with those conducting traditional forms of class struggle, most especially those possessing as their objective the emancipation of the working class, and ecological activism in solidarity with […]

How Sure Can We Be of Nuclear Fusion?

July 1, 2017 Agrippa 0

How solid is the case for nuclear fusion? Most of us would say, in principle at least, that it is rock solid. Bloomberg has an article on the Trump administration and funding for nuclear fusion efforts, that is funding associated with the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER). The article quotes […]