The Soviet Space Programme and Citizen Science

May 13, 2017 Agrippa 0

Asif Siddiqi, The Red Rockets’ Glare: Spaceflight and the Soviet Imagination 1857-1957, (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2010). October 2017 marks the 60th anniversary of the launch of Sputnik, so we’re in for a lot of coverage and discussion as the date nears especially given that we may well be on […]

Reconsidering Logical Positivism: The Question of Power.

May 12, 2017 Agrippa 0

There is much that is useful to be learned from a study of intellectual history. Take, say, the question of positivism and its relation to systems of power, both political and economic. Michael Friedman wrote a great book on logical positivism, Reconsidering Logical Positivism, from an abstract philosophical perspective, but […]

Thought Experiments and Epistemological Naturalism

May 7, 2017 Agrippa 0

We tend to forget that thought experiments have a rich history, and moreover that they played a critical role in the scientific revolution. In my opinion, a critical reason why their role in the scientific revolution has not been emphasised is because of the dominance of empiricism in Anglo-American philosophy […]