The Rationalist Manifesto of Colin McGinn

March 13, 2017 Agrippa 0

Colin McGinn, Inborn Knowledge: The Mystery Within, (Cambridge MA, MIT Press, 2015) Colin McGinn writes a nifty little book on rationalism, which I found to be a pleasurable and insightful read. McGinn mounts a strong case for rationalism, and being a rationalist I confess not to needing of conversion. The […]

Thomas Nagel on the Naturalism of Daniel Dennett

March 5, 2017 Agrippa 0

Thomas Nagel, without question one of my favourite philosophers and writers, has a nifty review of Daniel Dennet’s latest work in The New York Review of Books. Nagel has written quite a few articles lately in the London and New York Reviews, which is splendid for too much Nagel is […]

W76-1/Mk4a Trident II Super Fuze and Strategic Stability

March 5, 2017 Agrippa 2

The fusing on the W76-1/Mk4a warhead for the Trident II SLBM played an important role in the argument of my Master’s thesis. Hans Kristensen, Matthew McKinzie and Ted Postol have an important, and richly detailed, article on the W761-1/Mk4a “super fuse” or “smart fuse,” and its strategic implications at the […]